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AWSome Partners Consulting (APC)

APC was the natural next step of CADyShack. Having so many AWS partners learning through osmosis by being around their fellow CAD's brought up questions about more customized teaching and processes. Out of that ask came APC, and we are off and running. The goal of APC is to get AWS partners to a strategic level with AWS faster than what they can do themselves.

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The APC 3

APC has three programs that will add to the AWS partner journey of new and established partners. The offerings were designed around the needs being brought up by all the partners in CADy Shack. The programs are  Onboarding to Enablement, Enablement to Engagement, and CAD as a Service (CaaS) find out how we can help your journey. 

Schedule an initial 1 hour meeting

Schedule a meeting with us to help understand how we can help your AWS partner journey . In this call you will get a lot of insights and questions answered about your journey with AWS and you can see if one of our three programs will work for you. Our solutions are the "off the menu" menu of solutions learned by super successful partners in CADy Shack.

Our programs run from 60 day, 90 day, to twelve months. We will help you get to the next level faster.

Email us at to schedule your time.

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