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Resources for our partners

Conversation Between Colleagues
Patrick Mitchell Headshot.jpg
Standing Meeting provides Cady Shack members with preferential pricing. Send an email to for more information.

Public Speaking at Partner Events

CADy Shack has collaborated with public speaking coach Patrick Mitchell. We can provide a one on one online public speaking program or an in person corporate retreat program in Coeur D ' Alene Idaho. Message Barlas@awsomepartners for more.  Can be paid for through

Partner Event DJ Services

Getting a DJ that has the ability to take care of all your sound needs, show up on time, and play music the partner community needs to network while still having a good time is hard. Globally known DJ Willie Trimmer who has played for Justin Timberlake and Gaga is available anywhere in the world. We can help with that!Can be paid for through

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