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Enablement: CAD Academy

Introducing the Master CAD Certification (MCC) @ the CAD Academy, a comprehensive program developed by the visionary minds behind CADy Shack, the world's largest cloud Partner Alliance Community (PAC) for AWS. Boasting a global presence with over 500 members across 16 countries and growing, CADy Shack is a thriving, free community, with MCC designed exclusively for its members. This certification is strategically crafted to standardize the knowledge base for Cloud Alliance Directors (CADs) actively engaged with AWS.

Updated annually, the MCC equips CADs from both ISV’s and SI’s at any level with fundamental insights into the AWS partner landscape, including nuanced understandings of AWS partner programs and the factors contributing to partner success. The curriculum, curated by Brett Fountain, an esteemed CAD at the award-winning Deepwatch, Michael Musselman, globally famous CAD who created the playbook at Lacework where he is Alliance Vice President, and Barlas Yuce, ex- Amazonian, Co-Founder of CADy Shack, and Founder of Awsome Partners, ensures a comprehensive exploration of the essentials for navigating the AWS Partner Organization (APO).

This all day in person class starts with the initial session, which provides a comprehensive overview of the CAD role, exploring its organizational placement, proficiency levels, necessary support structures, and key attributes of an outstanding CAD. The subsequent five segments, each lasting 1 hour , delve into the AWS Partner checklist, Ace and Marketplace, understanding the different titles at AWS, and ends with how to get buy-in from the CADs partner organization. 

The certification can be reimbursed by AWS in the form of POC infrastructure credits. This is based on a passing grade and is up to the Account Manager and PDM in your account.

Scheduled all over the world, the event will be capped at twenty-five attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. The aim is to align with AWS summits when possible. Locations include NYC, London, Toronto, Austin, San Francisco, and culminating in Las Vegas at the year-end. Whenever feasible, events will be hosted in AWS buildings; otherwise, hotel conference rooms will be the venue of choice.

Upon completion of each training, participants will undergo a fifty-question multiple-choice test online with in 48 hours of the session. To attain the MCC from CAD Academy, a passing grade of at least 70% must be achieved . An accreditation number will be assigned, and individuals can showcase their achievement on the CADy Shack website, with a dedicated link for LinkedIn.

Additionally there is an MCC+(Master Cloud Alliance Director (CAD) Certification +) program that follows the MCC certification by 90 days. There is a list of twenty desired follow ups to the certification. Each follow up has an assigned number. If the follow up is done and signed off on by the PDM/PDR of the partner, and equals over 50 points, an MCC+ will be given to the CAD.

Pricing for each session and test varies based on whether or not hotel is included. It will be invoiced upon request, but easily booked below. Certification is conferred upon successful completion of the test. 

Created by the minds who created CADy Shack

The Master CAD Certification and the following "+" certification was created by the founders of CADy Shack. We gained this knowledge from working in the AWS partner organization, being award winning partners, and from helping to carve Cloud Alliance Directors at 500+ partners of AWS around the globe. 

Save Your Spot


This training will begin in Q1 of 2024. Stay tuned to this page to learn more.

Certified Master CADs

Below you will find the CADS that have been through the grueling 8 hours of learning and have passed their certification exam with a 70% or better. These CADs have been taught the many processes they need to be successful and have shown an understanding of these lessons in the test that was completed after.

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