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Modern Architecture


We are growing so much that our members in the EU/UK region have asked for their own space. We have CAD leaders in the region who have taken on the responsibility and will be coordinating events and information given out on private and public pages that affect just our EU/UK members . We hope to be as much of a resource to you as we are to the North American teams

In a Meeting

Articles from Partner Leaders in the region

On our public and private forums we will have EU/UK based partners become the voice that helps us lead the rest to the next level. Stay tuned.

Flight Board

Get togethers at Summits

Summits are very important in UK/EU regions, and there are more of them, having designated places to meet companions and peers from other partners helps us all to collaborate.

Tech Watch

Podcasts talking about regional parters

The EU/UK regions members will start having more visibility in the Podcasts by the CADy Shack Groups Stay tuned.

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