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H2 CADy Shack CAB 2022

In the second half of 2022 CADyshack brought members together to help advise on the opportunity tracking mechanism for ISV's with a Hyperscaler. This team helped shape the way opportunities were entered into this Hyperscalers CRM.

Our Members

  • Barlas yuce

  • Ben Topolski

  • Blake Dickey

  • Julia Irion

  • Michael Musselman

  • Aaron Rice

  • Ben Mercer

  • Bhushan Taravade

  • Brett Fountain

  • Chris Halvorson

  • David Close

  • Dominic Brown

  • Erica Ford

  • Jesus Alvarado

  • Kamilo Amir

  • Mark Schwefringhaus

  • Rita

  • Sean Ir

  • Stephanie Miles

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