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AWS and the 3 C's of Successful Alignment


These are the my three pillars of success I focus on when building out a GTM plan with AWS and the alignment of our business for success. Now this is a fifty thousand foot view I start with, although I've seen miles of success with this approach in the years of working with the APO and moving the needle at scale for the companies I worked with. This basic methodology has has moved several companies from having zero relationship with AWS to a top ten marketplace partner and APN leader for AWS originated opportunities. The 3 C's are a great foundation to create awareness, alignment and can lead to the ability to create products with AWS that are vary large differentiators from your competitors. I'll dive a little deeper into each of the "C's" as we move the article.

Let's start with the CO-SELL. This isn't just about the sell, this is much bigger this is where Alliances, versus channel, is really important. This is where the magic starts to happen with AWS and is as important to aligning to how an AWS seller is compensated as it is to how you transact and even understanding everything from your superpower, to picking the right competencies and teams you should be spending your time with.

Examples for you to wrap your head around we're I've seen success with the CO-SELL: Seller Alignment, Marketplace Strategy, Comp neutral seller approach, high propensity for MPPO/CPPO, Competencies and programs that drive AO, GTM Sprints, Seller and SA enablement, Transparency in the pipeline shared with ACE, and building your network of influences from AE's DM's and ISM teams (if you are an ISV). There is a ton more to think about in the CO-SELL with AWS, these are prime examples that should eb an intricate part of your GTM strategy to grow your business, alignment and pipeline with AWS.

On to the CO-BUILD. As you move up the rankings in visibility to the AWS PSA, SA's and product leaders in AWS, you'll not only have the ability to participate in things like Technical Design Workshops to build great use cases together with AWS, which provide great outcomes, sometimes you'll even have the honor to be invited to super duper secret ninja squirrel beta's with AWS and launch partner opportunities for new competencies. This is a great opportunity to build something with AWS that no one, specially your competitors, has done before. Talk about a big company differentiator????

Now a little bit of the CO-MARKET. Go all in and it will be fruitful. Attaching your marketing program to AWS will give you an incredible amount of exposure and brand awareness... but wait there's more! It slices, it dices and it julienne fries! You will have the opportunity to grow at scale, with AWS leaders, for everything from field events, to marketing video series, GTM CO-MARKETED sprints and social campaigns leveraging sales/partner and product leaders from AWS.

All of these things come together to build your relationship with AWS at scale to be the next rocket that takes off with the master of the clouds that is changing the world as we know it today. Dive deep with AWS, stay customer obsessed and Think Big to change the way your business is working today.

I'll dive deeper in future blogs and vlogs about each of these particular domains. This is just the basic foundation of where to start in your North Star approach with aligning your business to the power of AWS.

Look for future articles from me here at CAD'y Shack and feel free to sign up and follow.

Thanks for reading,

Brett Fountain CAD'y Shacker

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