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CAD Certification Badges

On this page we highlight CADs that have been a part of an Advisory board or have gone through a Training. The link to this page is the bona fides for the Badge.

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H2 CADyShack CAB 2022 groups

This is the group that worked on a hyperscaler's opportunity creation team programs to help be a voice of the partner.

The SI Round Table

Discussions to help with SI Issues 

Being that CADy Shack is 31% Solutions Integrator we are creating a round table to discuss common problems between SI's to make Hyperscaler aware. 

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H1 CADyShack CAB 2023

The Advisory Board participants to help Hyperscalers achieve a flywheel with their partners.


CADy Shack  Charity Committee

This badge will be for the Charity Committee for 2023

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