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CAD Certification Badges

On this page we highlight CADs that have been a part of an Advisory board or have gone through a Training. The link to this page is the bona fides for the Badge.

Screenshot 2023-01-06 162022.png


H2 CADyShack CAB 2022 groups

This is the group that worked on a hyperscaler's opportunity creation team programs to help be a voice of the partner.


H1 2023 CADy Shack CAB

This Advisory board helps with the opportunity insertion process for hyperscalers

Screenshot 2023-05-03 141544.jpg

Being that CADy Shack is 31% Solutions Integrator we are creating a round table to discuss common problems between SI's to make Hyperscaler aware. 

Screenshot 2023-05-03 142012.jpg


H1 CADyShack AWS ISV ACE Team Survey Contributer

This person provided input to AWS Team on the 2023 questionnaire for ISV ACE operations.


CADy Shack  Charity Committee

This badge will be for the Charity Committee for 2023

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