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Scheduled Events

Fireside Chat

Every Monday at 11 AM PST we have a different AWS Manager relevant to partners speak for an hour

Master CAD Class- 7/09/24

NYC Master CAD Cohort

Class will be held at the Moxy Hotel second floor training room. 

8:30am to 6pm with breakfast. lunch, and happy hour

Master CAD Cohort-4/25/24

London Master CAD

Class will be held at 

107-111 Fleet ST

London UK, EC4A2AB

8:30am- 6:00pm with breakfast, lunch, and Happy hour.

Cloud Wars: Return of the Gen AI- 7/10/24

New York City

In a world dominated by the CloudWars, where the battle cry of Gen AI echoes through the digital realm, one group stands ready to make a difference. Awsome Partners, after six years of Cloud Wars events and helping AWS partners become strategic faster, is proud to unveil the next chapter in this epic saga.

Awsome Partners/AWS Start up 5/2/24

New York City

Invite only 

CADalina Wine Mixer- 9/24/24

Welcome to the 3rd CADy Shack Catalina Wine Mixer! Back when this all began, we had 120 of the coolest cats on a yacht, but we had to leave some folks behind at the pier! Can you believe it? We cruised past Alcatraz, caught sight of the Golden Gate Bridge, and even spotted some breaching whales and majestic great whites. It was a blast, with giveaways galore and partners mingling under the sun.

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Master CAD classes sign up is under CAD Academy

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