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The DreamTeam

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Barlas Yuce

Co-Founder & Chief Batman

Barlas Yuce has spent nearly two decades in technology working with some of the largest companies in the world, In the last decade working in the partner field where he started working with AWS running the 120,000 accounts across 18 teams for ISV partner programs. After that he has worked at two partner ISV companies bringing them successfully through the APN and making AWS aware of their super powers. Barlas is also the Founder of AWSome Partners Consulting (APC), a consulting company that helps partners get to the next level.

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Brett Fountain

Co Founder and Chief Thor

Brett Fountain has worked in IT and Security for almost 20 years and led multiple established business and startups during his years in the industry. Over the last several years, he's helped align multiple ISV's to AWS in a very successful co-sell, co-market and co-build model which lead to top 10 in AWS Marketplace and global  AWS Competency leaders. 

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Michael Musselman, M.B.A.

Executive Advisor (Silver Fox)

Senior Director, Technology & Strategic Alliances at Laceworks. Michael has been in the It space for decades and is considered one of the most trusted voices in the AWS Partner Ecosystem. He runs the CADyshack Podcast, and lends his expertise to the board of advisors as well.

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Ryan Norton

Executive Advisor and King under the Mountain

Ryan is a founding member of CADyshack and was with the team from day one. He is an integral part of the AWS partner program and is currently working at Wipro. 

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Nadav Tzuker

Israel Country Manager & Ironman

Nick has an an amazing network of Start ups in the Israeli market. He is currently the AWS Alliance Director of Wiz. He is the starter of other communities, and he handles all our membership business for the country of Israel

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Lee Wagner

UK Country Manager and Deadpool 

Lee is a networking powerhouse that has all the UK partners at his fingertips. Lee runs his own company in the UK providing essential services to partners 

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Chris Halvorson

Head Evangelist and Chief Bounty Hunter

Chris is the Executive Director - Strategic Alliances at Ollion, a Premier AWS Consulting Partner.  He has been leading CSP Alliances strategy since 2013 and has a deep understanding and passion for building a world class GTM partnership with Amazon.  He has seen the evolution of the APN from the beginning and knows how to surgically navigate the asteroid fields of the complex AWS universe!

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