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Welcome to CADy Shack!

The Largest Global AWS Partner Community 

- for Cloud Alliance Directors -

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CADy Shack:  Empowering AWS Partner Cloud Alliance Directors Globally

World's largest AWS Partner Alliance Community
500+ AWS Partners across 16 countries

About US

Best Practices | Thought Leadership | Community 

CADy Shack is the largest global Partner Alliance Community for AWS Cloud Alliance Directors, with 500+ AWS Partners across 16 countries. Member companies must be an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Partner.  AWS Partner Cloud Alliance Directors (or those acting in that professional capacity) are eligible for membership.

CADy Shack Benefits include:

  • Thought Leadership, Best Practices, and Community for AWS Partner Cloud Alliance Directors

  • Enablement & Professional Certifications for AWS Partner Cloud Alliance Directors

  • Joint Partner and Customer-Facing Events at major AWS Events

  • Private channels, weekly Zooms with AWS Leaders, and shared valuable resources

CADy Shack members follow journeys through specific AWS levels (on-boarding, enablement, execution), consolidating these stages in one accessible platform.  CADy Shack delivers value to members by enhancing transparency regarding AWS programs and senior management, offering a centralized resource for AWS-related endeavors. Additionally, CADy Shack can provide AWS Leadership with valuable insights from the perspectives of AWS Partners.

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Change remains the sole constant... AWS Partner Cloud Alliance Directors (CADs) must consistently adapt to stay ahead of developments at Amazon Web Services and within the APN organization. From recently appointed CADs to experienced professionals, CADy Shack offers a collaborative learning journey for AWS Partner Cloud Alliance professionals.

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Enablement for CADs on the journey from AWS 101 to
Master CAD Certification courses held globally

Business Meeting


Bi-weekly Virtual Meetings and Quarterly Meet-Ups with colleagues sharing Best Practices and Thought Leadership help you soar to the top of your field

Underwater Scuba Diving

Dive Deep

Weekly private Fireside Chats with AWS Leaders and Leaders of Leaders (March - August): hear directly from AWS Leaders and Leaders of Leaders who make important decisions, with open Q&A


325 N. St. Paul Street Suite 3100 Dallas, TX 75201

+1 (650) 485-3857

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