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 CAD’y Shack is a group to gather partners alliance stake holders together to share ideas and knowledge, while giving AWS a group to give them the undercurrent answers they can not get to themselves.



CADy's are on an endless journey of learning, AWS and the APO make changes rapidly. From the newest of CAD's to the seasoned vets, we help keep you on an effortless learning path for working with AWS. 

Nature Explorer


Enabling the CAD on their journey from 101 to Expert CAD

Business Meeting


Bi-weekly Success Installments and Quarterly meet ups help drive you to the top of your craft

Underwater Scuba Diving

Dive Deep

Deep Immersion CAD learning, when it's time to accelerate your mission 

Meet the Team

Combining a decade of AWS expertise to help you align with AWS 

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325 N. St. Paul Street Suite 3100 Dallas, TX 75201


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