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Combine Budgets for a Larger event

2024 Planned Events

In 2024, we unveil an array of collaborative events with our esteemed partners, all geared towards optimizing budget allocation and achieving heightened brand awareness. While our partners within the AWS ecosystem frequently host remarkable individual events, we recognize the potential to amplify our impact by pooling resources. Through shared budgets, we can orchestrate more substantial events, yielding a superior return on investment for each participating partner. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of these events along with their associated costs:

  1. 3rd South CADy Shack event during SXSW 2024 - Scheduled for March 8th, 2024

    • Location: Coopers BBQ restaurant in downtown Austin

    • Anticipated Attendees: 140 (comprising AWS personnel and customers)

    • Inclusions: Buffet and drinks

    • Description: The third annual South CADyShack event, held at a new venue, featuring live bands, an open bar, and catering from 4 pm to 9 pm.

    • Total Cost: $35,000.00

    • Participation: Seven partners contributing $5,000 each towards the cost or one partner taking on the entire expense.

    • Benefits: Registrants and attendees list, prominent logo display in event marketing, a 5-minute speaking slot during the event, and the opportunity to provide giveaways to attendees. We always get customers like NASA, Blue Origin, many space companies, Austin based start ups and a ton of Amazonians.

  2. 5th VOX Amitae Cloud Wars - Scheduled for June 2024 in New York City

    • Anticipated Attendees: 200 (comprising customers and AWS staff)

    • Description: A theatrical parody event set on the top floor of the Moxy Hotel, with a budget of $65,000. Typically attended by senior-level AWS managers. This event is also known for hosting a favorite NYC happy hour during the Summit.

    • Participation: Six partners sharing the budget at $11,000 each or a total of $65,000.

    • Inclusions: Buffet and drinks

    • Benefits: Varied benefits based on the contribution level, ranging from access to registrants' contact information to custom logo stickers and a special lounge for customers.

  3. 2nd CADy Shack Concert - Planned for July 2024 in Philadelphia (Exact Date/Artist undisclosed - NDA required for disclosure)

    • Anticipated Attendees: 300 (comprising customers and AWS personnel)

    • Description: An eagerly anticipated concert event with a renowned headliner, along with food and drinks in an iconic Philadelphia concert venue. The evening will commence with a DJ performance followed by speeches from AWS and main sponsors, giveaways, and the headline concert, all starting after 6 pm.

    • Budget: Expected in the range of $350,000.00

    • Participation: Tiered benefits for different budget levels, with two additional partners - Orca and Wipro - joining this year.

    • Benefits: Tailored benefits offered based on various contribution tiers, including extensive branding opportunities, VIP access, and professional event coverage.

  4. 3rd Catalina Wine Mixer - Set for September 2024 in San Francisco Bay

    • Anticipated Attendees: 120 (comprising customers and AWS personnel)

    • Description: An exclusive yacht trip featuring a buffet, an open bar, and a tradeshow-like atmosphere onboard, with partners hosting tabletop trade show booths.

    • Budget: $35,000 shared among seven partners contributing $5,000 each.

    • Benefits: Logo presence on marketing materials, dedicated table for pop-up trade show booth, access for three employees, collective giveaways, and logo'd T-shirts.

  5. 2nd Feminae Tech - Scheduled for November 26, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada

    • Anticipated Attendees: 150 (comprising customers and AWS personnel)

    • Description: A celebration honoring women in technology, featuring awards, a charitable donation, and a concert.

    • Budget: $65,000.00

    • Participation: Various partner tiers offering different budget contributions.

    • Benefits: Diverse benefits tailored to different budget levels, fostering inclusivity and participation across the spectrum.

We extend our gratitude for considering these collaborative opportunities. We eagerly anticipate your involvement and emphasize that participation is open to CADyShack members and vendors in good standing.

If you would like to add your budget please reach out

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